Hey there!

I wrote this bio for one reason. What is it? Simple: The only emails and blogs I look forward to reading are from people who I feel I know personally.

There’s nothing worse than a stranger dropping stuff in your inbox or clogging up your RSS reader

Listen. information alone won’t help you succeed with changing your life. Why? Well, there is far too much of it. So besides getting information, you need to be able to get that information from a reliable source.

In other words…

Someone you trust!

What I discovered was when I would get on someone’s email list or RSS reader, I’d usually end up unsubscribing simply because I didn’t trust their information…. or them! To me, they were nothing more than a name on my computer screen.

Who was that person on the other end? What did they stand for, and what they against? Why are they in personal development? What’s their story?

With that in mind let me share a little bit about myself, so I’m not just another name on your screen. I am doing this because I truly feel I have some outstanding strategies that could change your life, and I am going to do everything I can to get you to read about them, and more importantly…

Act on them!

I got into the online personal development field around August 2006 when I started the blog Change Your Thoughts – Change your life.  However, I had been having a personal revolution for the last 20 years.  I was hopelessly self conscious, quite a serious person and didn’t really know who I was or what I stood for.

So much so that I wanted to end my life at the age of 19/20, I wrote about it here

Then I came across a bruised a battered book in a second hand bookshop.  The book was called ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

That book was the turning point in my life, my awakening, it showed me that my thoughts are my own creations.  If my thoughts were my own creations then my feelings were my own creations, and if my feelings were my own creations then my behaviour and actions were my own creations….A huge revelation.

Of course, I didn’t change over night. I am continually learning, adjusting and changing my life to suit myself, my wife and my family, but the thing is…..

It’s all my choice!

I tried a lot of things in life to find my true calling. After my awakening I knew that the path i needed to take was to help others and help them stop getting so down about themselves that they feel life is not worth living.  I went into nursing in 1994 and was going to become a mental health nurse, however ‘The Awakening’ also found a new self confidence, and friends, partying, alcohol and a small amount of drugs began to take their toll and I dropped out of nursing college in 1996.

I had found that I did have self belief, I was a ‘great guy’ who cared about others in life and I could pretty much do anything I wanted to when I put my mind to it.  University beckoned, which is something I had dreamt of when I was leaving high school, but never believed I could do it.

As i worked in a call centre, I attended university in Glasgow from 1996 – 2000 and gained my BSc in Psychology, something I am really proud of.  I didn’t take it any further as I only wanted to prove to myself and my childhood beliefs that I could do it.

I was still learning more and more about myself and attended a seminar by Jack Black, not that Jack Black – A Scottish personal development speaker who was running very popular courses called MindStore.  I looked at him on stage and turned to my friend and said…

That’s what I’ll be doing…

I continued to work full time in a call centre, moving up the ladder getting more money, but I wasn’t happy.  So I changed to working as an homeless worker and then addiction worker which was a lot less money, but I was a hell of a lot happier.

I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when, I just knew that teaching others about the lessons I had learned in life in such a direct way was the way I needed to go.

I started my blog in August 2006 and started trying to market it, very poorly I might add.  and it didn’t really do anything for a few years.  After 1 year I had around 900 subscribers to the blog, but I was getting my message out to others and was getting fairly good feedback.

Then it was time to start making money.  I realised that the internet was a powerful way to bring in extra income and started focusing on marketing self help products, and the blog became a side line, something I loved doing but didn’t see it as a way to get what i wanted in life.

After making around $10,000 – $12,000 gross per year for a few years, it wasn’t enough to help me do it full time.  I work full time as an addiction worker helping others who have drug and alcohol addictions and it’s something I love doing and something that keeps me from going full time online, but eventually something’s got to give and it looks like the net will win.

I kept on thinking about the blog and how much I loved writing for it, and how much I loved connecting with the readers on the site.

I sold all my micro-businesses and decided I wanted to get serious about my readers and my blog.

If I was going to do this I had to focus my attention on it!

In 2009 I had 3000 subscribers.  When I focused on my readers, asked them what they wanted and wrote for them my popularity grew, and today I have 15,500 subscribers to the blog.

I found that when i asked readers what they wanted the money would also come from making products such as How to Become an Advanced Early Riser which has brought in over 200 sales since it was released in October 2010.  There have been flops such as my Alter your Jacket which I spent 6 months on and it sold around 20 copies, but I learned so much from that flop and it has become one of my biggest lessons in the online world…

Don’t make what YOU think will be good, produce something that your readers want and need!

Today I have written 4 books, 5 guides been interviewed countless times for radio, internet shows and am working on one of my biggest projects to date, a free 28 day course called Mind Alchemy

I have come a long way since that night over 22 years ago.  I have realised the importance of family, the importance of being true to yourself and the importance of listening to others.  I have met the most wonderful woman, have two amazing sons and continue to learn, excitedly, that the journey of life is never ending.  The journey is exciting, it’s sometimes frustrating, sometimes you feel like giving up on the dream, but then something happens to tell you that you are on the right path.

My journey has seen me:

  • Quit smoking
  • Gained a BSc in Psychology
  • Meet, marry and continue to adore the woman of my dreams
  • Raise two sons who are turning into fine, handsome young men
  • Started waking early (4.30-5am every day)
  • Written 4 books
  • Written 5 guides
  • Bought the house of my dreams
  • Became the UKs #1 personal development blogger
  • Collaborated with some of my online heroes

I have realised many of my dreams in life, simply by following this basic 3 step process…

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, and take action on the things you want in life!

My journey has changed me in ways I can never imagine.  I overcame my fears along the way, so now I am more confident in myself. I also learned how to handle failure, so now I am more successful in whatever I do.

And most importantly, I get to help others.

When I used to work in the call centre , I never had anybody telling me , “Steve, that business communications package you arranged to install really changed my life”.


But I’ve had people write me telling me that my information products have changed their life.

It enhanced the quality of their life. It has made them a better person, just as my journey has made me a better person.

So was that journey worth it, am I on the right path to realising my dream of helping others.


Would I change any part of the path I have been walking? Absolutely not, the path I have walked has led me to you, the person who is reading this story just now, and for that I cannot begin to imagine the millions of thoughts that had to be thought to make that happen.